What are the prerequisites for the course?

  • Experience in the C programming language.
  • Proficiency in Python or a similar scripting language.

What Software should I install in preparation for an upcoming workshop?

  • You need Ghidra including all dependencies, especially OpenJDK. Please use the "Ready for use" variant.
  • Any text editor is fine, although preferably a good one. We recommend VSCode.
  • A hex editor: The commercial 010 Editor is excellent and free for 30 days, a free alternative is wxHexEditor.
  • Tool to calculate checksums: for example Hashcheck for Windows, or the command line tool sha256sum. The latter is easily available on Linux and macOS, and you will obtain a copy of it in Windows if you install GIT for Windows, along with a few other nice command line tools.
  • You should have, and know, Python and the C programming language.
  • A versatile unpacker, like 7zip or FAR Manager (if you're on best OS).
  • Optionally, but strongly recommended, are our ghIDA Key-Bindings.

Can I participate when I don't use Windows?

Yes, all used tooling is available for Linux, Windows and, MacOS.

Is it safe to execute Ghidra on my host machine or should I use a virtual machine?

It depends on your threat model. We just execute it on the host.

Gibt es die Schulungen auch auf deutsch?

Ja, wir bieten unsere Schulungen auch in deutscher Sprache an.

Is there a German variant of the course available?

Yes, we can teach in both English as well as German.