Sample Files

The files that are available for download here are usually malware, please treat these files accordingly. Malicious samples are packed as zip or 7zip archives with the password infected.
[ /tmp/2022/malremote/day3/]$ cat
Consider the sample with the following SHA-256 hash: ``` 0b38ca277bbb042d43bd1f17c4e424e167020883526eb2527ba929b2f0990a8f ``` The malware exfiltrates information to an HTTP-based C2 server. 1. Identify the algorithm used to encrypt the exfiltrated data, and extract all related cryptographic secrets. 2. Your cousin was infected with this malware and wants to know what data was exfiltrated from her machine. She has retrieved a log of all HTTP requests from her firewall and provided you the following list. What data was stolen? Network Capture: ``` GET /php/loader4/loaderinfo.php?param=xqyww7ghpyB9okwB35I4tb5ZWlYhHysIW9mUDokgHsrz8smHmXmkxkwmD3DHog8rf8BcBfnmTySHiJzIvtsUMWljqR4F3APXBQZT4f0DosHzk6y5AgkCSrzvrdoEIcBh5PIhBWGQ2CToogW7+6GoqFtdHXwkwqPF HTTP/1.1 User-Agent: Winlogon Host: Cache-Control: no-cache ```