Sample Files

The files that are available for download here are usually malware, please treat these files accordingly. Malicious samples are packed as zip or 7zip archives with the password infected.
[ /tmp/2022/malremote/day3/]$ cat
In a previous exercise, we extracted the C2 server address from a FlawedDownloader sample. It was ``` http[:]//92.38.135[.]99/22.b ``` and an online sandbox was able to retrieve a next-stage payload with a SHA256 hash of: ``` 3530b085f7de6d275ed7ac948ece7a463393a55f6c371456b9dc4c6f0da01f8c ``` 1. Take another look at the FlawedDownloader sample with SHA256 hash ``` 25e9af3dd5f04e33b54f562cf6db864e0406e3752c2283d0c4ff6907038da3e2 ``` and determine the algorithm used to decrypt the next-stage payload as well as corresponding cryptographic material. 2. Can you identify its malware family without doing a full deep dive?